Since any project starts with understanding what to create our first product is Reqs a requirements development and analysis tool. A beta version is now available to try.
  • Web Based
  • Textual Analysis
  • Semantic Similarity Checking
  • Relating Requirements
  • Traceability

 Reqs' Features

Meet Reqs

  • Interrogator
  • Glossary with Automated Population
  • Terminological Consistency with Type-Ahead
  • Customizable

Plans, projects, and systems start with ideas and concepts formulated in natural language. 

Reqs is web-based requirements development and analysis tool. It's built to ease the creation of good and effective requirements.

Using semantic technologies (natural language processing, ontologies, and inferencing) it incorporates techniques from architecture and object oriented analysis to make the process simple and consistent.

Driving Engineering
    through Understanding

The words and terms that are used to bring ideas to life are critical to the entire development and engineering process, more so when creating a complex system. They can foster understanding and collaboration, or frustration and confusion.