know what you’re

Developing Systems - architecting, engineering, testing - is more complicated today, with advancements in technology, changing markets, and ever-present 24-hour operations. Yet with all the drivers, changes and improvements, what remains at the core are people and communication.
Engineering is driven by humans;
Humans use natural language to communicate;
Humans communicate with machines;
But communications can get confused
(languages are like that)

know what you’re

Driving Development
    through Understanding

Engineering Semantics understands how important words and terminology are in fostering understanding. And when it comes to creating an architecture, design, or system you can be certain communication is at the center.
The more effective the communication, the better the results - it's that simple.

Engineering Semantics is focused on applying semantic technologies - ontologies, reasoning, natural language processing - to engineering and systems development to ease the complexity and avoid constraining paradigms that add overhead.